2 Blades Ultra Quiet Fireplace Heat Distributor

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Heat Powered Eco Stove Fan Spreads Hot Air Through Out The Room Evenly. This Fan Is Eco Friendly and Has 17% Power Saving Efficiency. Made From Steel This Fan Comes With Black Color. It Is Capable Of 203 CFM Airflow And It Works On Wood, Log Burner And Fireplaces. Dimensions 8.58*7.48 Inches or 21.8* 19 CM



  • SAVE MONEY ON ELECTRICITY! No Electricity Required. Works Off The HEAT Produced By Your Fireplace Or Wood-Burning Stove. The Hotter The Fire, The Faster The Blades Turn. Therefore, More Warm Air Gets Dispersed Throughout Your House!


  • WHISPER-QUIET! 170-190 CFM above 900 RPM and MAX Temperature of 644 F (340 C) the Only Moving Part Is the Blade Assembly. Say Good-Bye to the Loud Noise Of Electric Forced-Air Fans! You Won’t Even Know This Fan Is There – But You’ll FEEL The WARMTH!


  • MAINTENANCE-FREE! Just Dust It Off Occasionally, And Put Some Light Oil On The Blade Shaft To Keep It Spinning Smoothly And Quietly!


  • “BUILT-IN” FIRE-STOKING INDICATOR! Because This Fan Operates On HEAT, You’ll Automatically Know It’s Time to Stoke the Fire When the Fan Slows Down! The Higher The Heat, The Faster The Blades Spin. So When They’re Slowing down and you’re Not Feeling the Heat As Much As Before, It Simply Is Telling You To Stoke The Fire! What Could Be Easier?


  • SAFETY PLACEMENT OF FAN - Fan Should Be Placed On The Back Of The Stove (Not In Front) 6 Inches Away From The Stove Pipe