Anti Static Pen

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Those Of Us Who Dabble Inside Of Their PCs, Or Got Static Electric Shock When Touching You Car Have Surely, At One Time, Concerned Themselves With Static Electricity. This Anti Static Pen Is Amazing At Eliminating Those Static Shocks When Building Pcs And Touching Metal Object Like Your Car.








  • No Battery Needed, Remove The Electrostatic.
  • Eliminate All Kinds Of Static Electricity, Like Human Body, Car, Computer, Etc.
  • Widely Used For Computer, Auto, Etc.
  • Release Static Electricity Security within the Human Body in 0.2-3 Second.
  • Can Automatically Eliminate The Automobile, The Human Body, Electronic Products.
  • Item Diameter: 0.9cm
  • Item Length: 5.7cm
  • Item Width: 0.9cm
  • Item Weight: 15g
  • LED Indicator Color 1: Red
  • LED Indicator Color 2: Blue
  • LED Indicator Color 3: Yellow
  • LED Indicator Color 4: Purple
  • LED Indicator Color 5: Black
  • Material: Brass Stem, LED Indicator