Dual-Use 4L Multi-Function Refrigerators

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 Are you tired of staying cool all of your cosmetics alongside leftovers or even worse forgetting to put your favorite face mask back in the fridge? We know how annoying and frustrating this is, so we developed a product that could solve all these problems and is small enough to plug in and set on your desk or anywhere in your room/bathroom. With the Portable mini refrigerator, your cosmetics will be kept at the perfect temperature, ensuring they don’t get worse. It also has lots of storage featuring two shelves in the main compartment and even a pocket on the inside of the door. The refrigerator also can work for chilling drinking as well as keep warm the food, allows you to use it not only summer but also winter. You can use it not only at home but also in the car or long-distance travel. Buy it now!




  • The vehicle refrigerator is a new method of cooling by the electronic chip, made of special semiconductor materials, forming the pair of thermocouples and producing the Perle effect, which is a new type of refrigeration through direct current refrigeration.
  • There is no need for refrigerant refrigeration (compression and absorption), environmental protection and no pollution.
  • Small volume, low cost
  • no vibration, noise and long life.
  • Suitable for home and car use.
  • It is easy to classify and store your food.
  • Application: it is suitable for fresh storage and thermal insulation of beverages, food, fruits, milk, red wine and low temperature drugs.
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: blue, pink, white
  • Capacity: 4L
  • Power: 30-48W
  • Voltage: DC12V(car), AC220-240V(home)
  • Size: 160*230*250mm

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