Cute Panda Water Splash Guard

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 Recognizing that anyone of us can sometimes get wet when washing dishes after a big dinner. Especially after a super barbecue party fun! Right? And for those who love to cook or work at a restaurant, it’s even more familiar. That’s why our product is so useful! Our Protector Panda prevents you from getting splashed when washing dishes. The panda-shaped splash guard easily attaches to your sink to block your lower torso from soap and water. Use it when washing dishes or produce to stay dry! Claim yours now!




  • Made of top-quality material, durable, odorless, water-proof and oil-resistant
  • With two 5.5 cm diameter strong suction cups, you can firmly stick to the sink
  • Avoid splashing of water on your clothes when you wash vegetables and fruit
  • Great flexibility, right for bow sinks too
  • Cute appearance, comfortable to use, very suitable for your kitchen
  • Splash guard
  • Cute panda shape
  • Protects your lower torso from splashes
  • 2 suction cups easily attach to sink
  • Dimensions: 28.5cm x 24cm